5 reasons to travel by train

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By, Matt Kim

I know what you’re thinking. Travel by train… Who does that anymore?

Well surprisingly, according to a 2013-2014 study by the Office of Rail and Road, railroad stations around the world have roughly 1.3 billion people enter their trains a year.

Arguably the most underrated form of transport, traveling by train has it’s perks. Here are 5 reasons to travel by train:

1. It’s economical: Train travel is cost efficient. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, you can get there for cheap. Rates run from around $100-200 for trips north, south, east and west from wherever you are. In fact, I just read an article about a guy who traveled from California to New Jersey for $213

2. More Baggage: You aren’t limited to a small scale. Often times when I pack for a vacation where I’ll be flying, I have to be conscientious of how many bags I’m bringing and how heavy heavy they are. Amtrak has a policy that allows you to bring two carry on bags (each weighing 25 pounds) and up to four checked bags.

3. Convenience: Unlike air travel, you don’t have to show up to the station hours before you actually depart. The boarding process and checking bags runs smoother because there are less people. All it takes is showing up and getting aboard.

4. Relaxation: Increased arm space and leg room. No seat belts. Sprawl out, get comfortable. Because the cabins for trains are normally larger and obviously longer, there’s more space for passengers. You can even sign up to board a train with sleeping accommodations.  Not only is it more comfortable to sit, it’s also easier to get up and move around. Walking to the bathroom without dozens of eyes staring at you never felt so good.

5. Planet-friendly: If you’re eco-conscious, train travel is the best option in comparison with car or plane travel. Less carbon emissions; half the emissions of a car and a third of a plane.


Please feel free to comment about your own train travel experiences below!

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