10 Tips for Women Traveling Alone


By: Lauren Didawick

You’re young, single, female, and twenty-something. Escaping from day to day life to travel the world alone is incredibly appealing. Here are 10 tips and tricks to keep you safe when traveling solo.

Airplane Window

1. Use street smarts: Know exactly where you’re going and walk purposefully, with your head up. Always carry a map and cash.

2. Be aware of surroundings: Don’t listen to music or talk on your phone. Look for a location that you can remember to get your bearings, like a grocery store or post office.

3. Double check public transportation departure times: buses and trains are a convenient way to get around on the cheap. But don’t wait on the road for your ride! Wait in a café or restaurant instead.

4. Fending off unwanted attention: In Mediterranean regions, smiling and looking a man in the eyes is considered an invitation. Keep dark sunglasses handy.

5. Watch your drink: No, it’s not going to tap dance. Keeping an eye on your beverage when enjoying a meal ensures it won’t be spiked.

6. Carry a safety whistle: This is the universal noise of someone needing help.

7. Give loved ones a copy of your itinerary: Parents and significant others should be given a list of places you’re planning on going. Include phone numbers in case of an emergency.

8. If driving, carry keys in your hand: Place key between pointer and middle fingers. This can act as a weapon if you’re attacked. When you get in the car, immediately lock the doors and drive off. Don’t linger.

9. The power of the elbow: The strongest weapon in the human body. Use it for protection.

10. In emergencies: Contact U.S. Department of State immediately. They will have resources to help, no matter where you are.

Remember, if something feels wrong, it probably is!

Stay safe out there!


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