We aim to help fellow travelers with tips, advice, and destination ideas. This is four college students bringing you their take on traveling.

Now a bit about us writers:

Kate Desmond

I’m a junior Journalism major with a minor in Sport Communication. I like watching Friends, traveling, going to sporting events and Chipotle. I’m excited to learn more about blogging. I would love to study abroad and document my travels one day. I’ve never been outside of the country, but it’s on my bucket list!

Lauren Didawick

I’m a senior advertising and corporate communication major with a minor in writing, rhetoric, and technical communication. I  enjoy petting dogs, running, and racking up frequent flier miles for my dream trip to Turkey.

Robyn Smith

From turning over rocks as a kid to climbing on top of them as a young adult, nature has always absorbed my attention. I’m a sophomore journalism major who loves being outside and inside roughly the same amount, depending on the weather.

Matt Kim

I’m a junior journalism major with a minor in sport communication. I’d love to visit and experience the atmosphere of every NFL stadium in my future.


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